The future city of Palma will be at the center of the development of a world class natural gas field.

With more than 180 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of estimated recoverable natural gas reserves, Mozambique aims to become a major world player in the production and commercialisation of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). 

Two major development are in pipeline and close to a Final Investment Decision (FID) The offshore Floating Liquid Natural Gas (FLNG) project of the ENI leaded international consortium and the onshore Liquid Natural Gas project by the US company Anadarko. A gigantic total investment of more than a 100 billion US$ is expected for the two projects.

The village of Palma will soon become an international industrial hub for the production and export of LNG. Industrial, logistics, residential and commercial developments will be needed to provide the necessary support to the construction and operation of one of the potentially largest LNG projects world wide.


The Start of the Early Works Package has begun

There will be significant works, installations and infrastructures built before the eventual FIDs for the two concurrent projects proposed by Anadarko (Golfinho) and Exxon (Mamba).

The estimated arrival of 50,000 workers for the development of the $25 billion project for just one of the two concurrent projects which would make Mozambique the third biggest Exporter of LNG in the world.

Palmaland take an integrated solution for land acquisition and development with a corporate approach

Starting an investment project in Palma means also land acquisition and development. Presently the existing infrastructure is limited to basic urbanisation like main access roads and power grid and some private investment, mainly accommodation solutions and logistics parks.

Land acquisition in Mozambique is regulated by a peculiar system, where land usage rights are given to individuals or incorporated entities with the aim of developing a project (for residential, industrial, commercial purposes among others). Even if land property is not represented by a "classic" title deed, property rights exist in Mozambique and the legal system, protects and respects these property rights.

Palmaland team, during years of direct investments as well as land development consultancies, successfully implemented a series of projects in Pemba and Palma. Our "hands-on" modus operandi, allowed us to create an effective point of contact between the international corporate investors and the Mozambican land titulars and authorities, making possible the realisation of new private investments and initiatives, some of which described in our portfolio.